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Thursday, February 23, 2006

593. This was marked "shaker", meaning a grate shaker for a wood or coal burning stove, used to shake off the ash to improve air flow. Though it could be gas or water shut off tool as some have guessed, I haven't been able to confirm either one. Most of the grate shakers that I've seen look like this one.

594. Nibbler for cutting sheet metal or plastic. Someone on this site uses one to make model space ships (half way down the page).

I didn't realize it at the time I first photographed it, but the end plate was jammed on the cutter, after hammering it down, this tool now looks and works as it should:

595. "Shoot-a-Lite Safety Gas Liter", handle reads "lites quickly gas, gasoline, acetylene & alcohol only."

596. Rubber policeman, laboratory tool

597. Guy's Dropper carbide lamp

598. Playing cards, Jack of Diamonds

King of Diamonds

599. Punk ignitor sticks, for lighting fireworks

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